Children’s Performance Awards

On Sunday 5 November a few of our pupils went up to Kings Cross to the Children’s Performance Awards.

The day comprised of two sections.  The first was ‘Let’s make a competition’, where the younger children spent the day learning some short sequences, then performed them in front of the theatre audience without an adjudication.  The idea was to prepare them for competitions in the future.  Lily Hawes, Calvin Jagdev, Eady Parmenter and Isabel Sear all took part and performed beautifully.  

The second part of the afternoon was the Children’s Award.  Here the dancers performed sequences and a dance that they had previously learnt in front of the theatre audience.  Hermionie Hallett, Alexis Jagdev and Heidi Sear took part and did themselves proud. 

Congratulations to Hermionie Hallett and Heidi Sear who received Commendations and to all who took part.