• Pupils have the option of being entered for Classical Greek and Cecchetti Ballet Examinations from the age of 5 years old. Classical Greek Exams are taken at the end of the Autumn Term and Cecchetti Ballet Exams are taken at the end of the Spring and Autumn Terms. The Grades start at Primary and go through to Advanced 1 (Ballet) and Gold Star (Greek). 

  • The benefits of taking an exam are endless! Increased focus & motivation to succeed during class, a goal to work towards and the sense of fulfilment the pupil receives having achieved and reached a high level of technique and performance; to name a few!

  • These exams are proven by outcome to increase confidence, build stamina and develop many abilities within their skill-set (including co-ordination, increased self-awareness, discipline, presentation skills, confidence, self-belief).

  • We really do believe that training in dance is proven to develop transferable skills that can be taken forwards into any aspect of life.