Results – RG Awards

We had a very successful day on Sunday 18th October at the Ruby Ginner Awards. Dancing against thirteen schools as far away as Guernsey and schools who had won the ‘All England Championships’. Our pupils were such a credit to us and not only danced beautifully but were also turned out exceptionally well. The exciting results are as follows:

12 years & under Emelia Spencer 2nd Musicality, Victoria Curness 3rd Musicality.

Highly Commended – Daisy Cohen, Florence Allen, Imogen Pohl & Annabelle McEwen.

14 years & Under Hanna Wright 3rd Musicality, Sophie Webster Highly Commended

11 & Under Highly Commended – Sophia Jayaraj, Isabella Hordok, Annabelle Davey, Evie Knights. Commended – Saffiya Husen & Sylvie Allen

16 & Under Emily Pohl Winner of Class –  Emily was also awarded the Tanya Allen Cup for Technique.

18 & Under Emily Galvin  Winner of Set Sequence  

Sonia was also nominated by the Classical Greek Committee for her outstanding contribution to Classical Greek Dance the Daphne Hawkesworth Award. Our chairman Kay Ball spoke of Sonia’s  dedication to the society and the 12 years she spent as chairman of the board. Without the time, love and energy she has put into Classical Greek Dance the society would probably no longer be here today. So much thanks and appreciation was given by the committee and also the audience for her dedication to the society. This is the most prestigious award that can be given in Classical Greek  and we are proud to say that Sonia has been awarded this for the second time and Juliet was also presented this award in 2009. Huge Congratulations to you all for an incredibly successful day.