Ruby Ginner Awards: Results

On Sunday 22nd October of our students competed at the Classical Greek Ruby Ginner Awards in Sussex. All competitors had to participate in a demanding class on the stage in front of a full audience. Our pupils all did us proud and danced so well. The most inspirational moment was to see them all look so happy and really enjoy their experience on the stage. It is a huge achievement to be able to pick up complicated sequences, put expression and the required quality into all their steps as well as present such a high standard of technique.

Our results are as follows:

Phoebe and Scarlett gaining a Commendation. Scarlett also won the Biddy Pinchard Cup for being the most Dramatic Dancer in the morning classes

Saffiya, Evie and Sylvie were awarded a Commendation and Isabella won the Musicality Award.

Sophie, Daisy, Victoria, Annabelle, Imogen and Florence were all awarded Highly Commended for the high standard of their work. Emelia came 3rd for Classwork and Technique. Hanna 3rd for her Set Sequence Fire and Annabelle McEwen won the shield for her set sequence Fire in a huge class of 28 competitors.

Emily was awarded the Christine Orange cup for Dramatic dance and sincerity in her ritual.

Huge congratulations to you all it was such an exciting day.