Tap & Jazz

  • These classes are full of fun aiming to give our pupils a good taste of different routines to chart music. Pupils gain versatility, co-ordination, rhythm, style and flexibility from these freestyle classes. Confidence and increased awareness of what they can achieve is also encouraged by taking part in a Festival and performing at the Playhouse Theatre

  • Our jazz classes are taught by industry professionals, who have experience dancing in professional companies and have trained with experts in their field. The knowledge and expertise these classes offer combines fun and teaching of a very high calibre. These classes guarantee an encouraging, fun atmosphere and ensures a space to allow the pupils to thrive and gain confidence through exploring the genres

  • Our annual Summer Show, held at the Harlow Playhouse generates an excitement throughout the school and drives the pupils to achieve their best when performing in front of the audiences. It’s the highlight of the year and there are always fabulous, high-energy jazz and tap numbers, inspired by West-End Musical Theatre pieces and more!